About US
The success of your brand is the priority of our business. You’ll discover that our experienced team is capable of creating a wide variety of opportunities which meet your current and future needs. You won’t find any fluff or nonsense working with our team. Our priority is simple: to give your brand an advantage over your competitors.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Beautiful words and inspirational graphics are no substitute for facts. Our team offers a proven track record of success. You can rely upon our expertise to help your brand’s growth trajectory. Make it become your next best asset. Here are our 3 promises to you.


Revenue Increase


REturn Users

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide professional client service with unrivaled marketing performance.”

01. Customization

We take zero shortcuts. Every business is carefully evaluated. Then we design a marketing campaign around the best interests of your brand.

02. Professional

You will find our team to be responsive, adaptable, and ready to push your business forward every day. Get a team that’s there for you 24/7.

03. Loyal

We stay committed to the cause at all times. Opportunity only comes when we work together to achieve success. We value our relationships.

The Team

Meet The Founders

Alex Sherman

Chief Executive Officer

Alex Sherman is an avid serial-entrepreneur that focuses on bringing services and products to the marketplace that solve real problems. With a deep backround in sales, marketing and business, Alex has been an integral force in the explosive growth of various medical and dental facilities throughout New York State with his company AdvantageX Marketing. In 2015, his brother Richard joined the company as a full partner. Together, their talent for finding solutions for tough problems have helped their clients avoid major pitfalls in their businesses, saving both time and money.

Richard Sherman


Richard Sherman started his professional career working as a professional events DJ for one of the top events agencies in New York City. Soon after, he began working on the management side of the business by becoming the Operations Manager of the company. He focused on public relations and marketing solutions and thus helped grow the agency to record levels of sucess. After partnering with his brother Alex by joing AdvantageX, Richard has worked hand-in-hand with business owners and medical professionals to execute high-level campaigns that bring incredible results.

What We Do Best

Search Engine Optimization

We create organic results by focusing on the key elements of who you are and what you do.

Search Engine Marketing

Create paid results which lead to opportunities instead of meaningless and expensive clicks.

Website Design & Development

We create websites that bridges that gap between your brand and your users. Building up your digital ID.

Direct Mail Marketing

Your brand makes a positive first impression with this traditional marketing opportunity.

Privacy Controlled Email System

Our email systems are HIPAA compliant. Making sure that our systems use the best system in the industry.

Brand Reputation Management

We take a proactive approach to encourage positive encounters with your business.

AdvantageX Marketing

2982 Avenue Z,
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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